The Star Wars Force Arena hack is a new Action game hack that prompts users to take an isometric view. The gamer is given a task to collect cards and get ready to go to war. The Star Wars Force Arena features some basic elements of the original Star Wars action game. When we talk about Star Wars, we cannot fail to acknowledge the presence of light sabers and jedis as well as a host of other tradition characters. There are a number of tricks and tips that can help you become a pro at this game. In this guide, we are going to discuss a few things on the Star Wars Force Arena game tips and hacks.

To begin with, you have to know that the Star Wars Force Arena action game is meant for both android and iOS users.

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Star Wars Force Arena Hack Features

Study the tutorial and training

Generally, many people love to hate tutorials because they tend to be too long and boring at the same time. If you don’t want to use the Star wars force arena hack, here are some tips. Actually, most players begin with excitement, only to leave the tutorials halfway, thanks to being confused, the tutorial becomes too much for them and they cannot take it anymore. However, if you successfully go through the tutorial, you will also need to go through training every now and then. The best thing about trainings is that they let you practice different missions and make you understand your characters better. In addition, you can create your own combination of characters to see if they are good enough or if they work better together. you are not punished when you train, in fact it is the best thing to do if you want to become a pro in this game.

Carry out some mission

Well, the best thing about missions is that you can carry them even out of the main game. On the other hand, there are certain missions you can only do once and they are referred to as Basic Missions. The benefit of this missions is that you can get a lot of rewards when you finish them. There are also special missions. However, the special missions are not easy to finish but they have the best rewards. In addition, there are very few, that’s why you need to take advantage of them when they come your way. So, just keep checking out for them, you never know when they pop up.

Look for more heroes and cards

There are so many ways in which you can get more heroes and cards. One great way is by looking for the Free Pack, which normally comes after a while. Actually, it is free, so it is a reward give to you after some few hours. There is also the Victory Pack which you are given once you complete a task or win a battle. The Play Pack is another great way to win more cards and heroes. You get this once you complete ten battles. Alternatively, you can put some real cash to purchase some game packs on your own. When it comes to heroes, the best thing to do is to buy them using real money. This is because they are very hard to get, you have to complete missions to be rewarded, and this is not an easy thing. Another point to note, should never open your packs immediately, wait for a while so that you get higher tier rewards.

Star Wars Force Arena Hack

Battle plans

We all have different styles of playing games. However, you should never stick to one style, although it doesn’t hurt to have one primary style. But you need to know not all battles are compatible with only one style. For instance, if your method is to be on the offense, then it will be hard for you to play a game that needs you on the defensive side. Therefore, it is wise to have several play styles ideal for the battles that lie ahead. It is also best to match and mix the deck to create a great formation.

Managing your energy

Just like other games such as Clash Royale, it is very crucial to avoid burning your energy for no reason. Do not waste your energy on Tie Fighter or X-Wing attack just to get rid of one or two low-level troops that you would instead destroy with only the turret. In addition, if you are overpowered by your opponents, just try as much as you can not to spam out many low-level opponents are destroyed before you leader is destroyed. All this will only slow down your opponent. Use the Star Wars: Force Arena hack today.

You should instead pick your lumps and let your leader be destroyed and use the breaks to gather more energy, so that you can rejuvenate yourself and come back with a bang.